A qualified, multidisciplinary team of professionals who fully comprehend and manage articulated requests and provide innovative solutions designed to achieve the desired results. We are technology experts with broad experience in both traditional and modern IT infrastructures, software development and business management.

  • Angela De Padova
  • Chiara Bongiovanni
  • Daniele Buzzi
  • Federica Busca
  • Federica marchì
  • Francesca Savarese
  • Ilaria Bernareggi
  • Marco Pasquinelli
  • Marta De Luca
  • Mauro Duca
  • Serena Decaro
  • Stefano Ghidotti
  • Stefano Vergani
  • Valentina Rigamonti
  • Vincenzo Milillo
  • Alessandro Artuso